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tv   Ready for Hillary Super PAC  CSPAN  August 6, 2014 8:00pm-8:32pm EDT

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what is your title? >> politics advocacy and nonclient partner. a lot going on. >> who used to work with me. down at thehave eli end. causes trouble, but is one of the founders of rising tide interactive and has been working with the ready for hillary campaign. i'm going to turn it over to you guys. walk throughg to the first slides. we will go from there. to echo mike, thanks to everyone for sticking around and coming down today. we are excited to share the work ready for hillary has been doing and paint a picture for you so you can see why it is a different kind of super pac and
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something we should be excited about. walk through the why we are different. >> i just want to give a shout out to a couple of other folks in the room. you have safed, the communications director and in the back, tracy, the senior adviser. they are awesome. >> we have upended the model of what a super pac looks like. we have a few statistics about the more traditional model. existed upy have until this point. americans for prosperity, which is the primary vehicle of the koch brothers, you will see on the left is the 22 -- 2012
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revenue picture. we have broken that out into donations that were raised from checks over $1 million and checks below $1 million. as you will see, that is just an enormous amount of money coming from a relatively small group of people. on the right represents the spent at theey was presidential level on independent expenditures. as you can see, it was almost all television advertising. there was a little bit of digital in there. almost all of these ads were attack ads against president obama. it was very much one way communication. the super pac was pushing out negative information about the very littlehe user, opportunity to interact. it is just one-way communication. similarly, this is american crossroads, a picture of the
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2012 cycle, which was cofounded by karl rove. on the left, you will see their revenue picture. we broke it out differently. the red represents grassroots donations that are $200 or less. overrepresented because otherwise you would not be able to see any red at all. it accounts for approximately revenue, from actual grassroots donations. on the right side, you have an enormous amount of television advertising against the president one-way. aboutnow specifically ready for hillary. let's start with a quote from ," repeatsork times small donors and need leaving --
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emulating the advantage in battling republican outside group/year. so i want to jump in from a facebook perspective and talk we seedvertising trends on facebook within the third-party super stack -- super pac space. advertising i the see is certainly negative. well facebook is an amazing two-way communication channel, it is definitely used for most this pacs to just be distribution of really negative content. for the most part, that is repurposed think tv and blasting it out to audiences on facebook. that, and why ready for hillary has been so unique, in their evolution on facebook, it is this mailed of grassroots
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support a lot of folks use facebook for and social media. as well as a strong direct response channel. it is this mailed of rants -- meld of brands. --t is a unique compensation a model of how super pac's can leverage digital. and then to highlight some of these things, so you can see how we are different, 98% over contributions are $100 or less. compared to the crossroads number, which was based on $200 260thibutions which was 1/ of everything they raised. 98% are 100 of or less. and i believe the number currently is we have about 30,000 individuals who have given exactly $20 and $.16 -- $20.16.
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we have 20,000 donors and if you are on our e-mail list, you we are very close to breaking one hundred thousand, which we are excited about. if you have not donated, hopefully this will help you. three out of four of our donations are for $25 or less. we have no six-figure donations. he could take unlimited funds, but we decided we were only going to take up to $25,000. as you can see, we are focused on our low dollar donors. 100% goes to a grassroots infrastructure. we are not running tv ads. we're finding hillary supporters and engaging them in a positive way. >> that is the goal, to be able to have this enormous list of supporters that, if hillary decides for president, she will moneye to access not only
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to respond to outside groups but also to make sure we can turn out individuals on the ground for key events. make sure there is an army of people who are going to be willing to volunteer for the campaign at a moments notice. that is all great in theory, we wanted to walk through in practice how we sketched out how you would build that model from the ground up. this organization really 2011 with aapril of small website that garnered an incredible amount of media attention. interestingly, and this is true of almost any organization, less than 1% of your target audience is ever going to type in the url of your website. in order to make it successful, and currently we have identified 2.5 million hillary supporters
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in the database, we needed to find them on the internet and give them a hook to come in and join our movement so we could build and have the infrastructure to achieve our ultimate end. the first way we did that, and while there was a lot of press from the very first thing, we bought google ads on hillary clinton's name so when individuals were looking for information on her, they also had the opportunity to raise their hand and say i am ready for hillary. i want her to run for president. while engine marketing, thought of as the first piece of internet advertising, is a relatively small piece of the total pie. that is why we also did display and social advertising on websites that hillary clinton
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supporters are likely to visit including news and entertainment websites. we can target them based on individual domains to make sure that whenever he hillary is in the news and people are reading about it, the opportunity to join the effort as well. >> sorry. could not see. so to talk about the facebook component of this, there's a couple of elements to that strategy that were interesting and again unique, particularly within the super pac space. side, this idea of building your grassroots support and doing acquisition. fan acquisition was definitely something where we, facebook was recommending a much more scaled-back strategy. advent don't go all in the fans. it.houghtful about
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a lot of people still go aggressively toward trying to get to large numbers of fans. one interesting thing i would like to call out that most people don't do, that we recommend, is think about fan acquisition in the context of social context or one degree of separation. you don't need, if you are focused on a congressional race, you don't need to get 100% of eligible voters fans of your page. you need enough to get on hundred percent coverage through their friends. the reason is that allows you to serve, whether it is ads, or organic content, which has a lot of impact, message recall, that sort of thing. that was a big part of the fan acquisition strategy ready for hillary had. figuring out our target markets and selectively do fan acquisition to grow the community of people who then,
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through their friends, we can reach everyone in that audience. that was strategic and cost-efficient. is theer component diversification of their content. a lot of super pac's, this is a one directional channel of negative commentary, negative content. repackaging of video to do that. page posts, youtube, that sort of thing. ready for hillary is focused on having a broad range of different types of content on facebook. updates, a lot of imagery. that is something they have a huge arsenal, beautiful imagery. to posts, which is similar to what you would see in a grassroots organization
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than a super pac that is hammering you with single types of content. it is interesting because it was not just kind of all fluffy and feel good content. every content had a message and had a specific task. this idea of diverse content was interesting and compelling and engaging you would want to see, but with a clear component to that. and ultimately the page strategy as well. >> in addition, we have a very strong on the ground residence and actually you can see one thing. we are doing ready to lead training with women across the country. that is one component of what we are doing on the ground. the other things is the ready for hillary bus tour. if you have not had a chance to
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see at the bus, it will be at the event tomorrow evening. it has gone coast to coast. turnouthad phenomenal at every event. we have hosted a day of action. we are out on college campuses and are organizing ready for hillary university chapters. we have also done roundtables with constituency groups such as black americans, all across the country as well and have had great turnout and a lot of activism coming out of those. we spent the month of june on the road attending pride events all across the country and some phenomenal support, which we were excited to have. and we also host to 2016 fundraisers. it is more about getting everybody together in a room and showing a large group of support
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for hillary than it is about ringing in $500 contributions or having a traditional high dollar fundraiser. the next component is moving folks through the letter of engagement. so those events on the ground are one component. we think about the strategy in a different way. those also give us a good opportunity to reach out to people and bring them into the process. once you have somebody who has taken some sort of action, you can't say we want you to donate money and own a piece of the movement right away. and so building engaged and lasting support means engaging people in a lot of ways. so on the lower end of the side you will see what we like to think of as low bar asks. liking the facebook page, free bumper stickers, asking people to sign pledges on the website
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to support hillary clinton for president. what they have taken those actions, it is easier to move them up to get invested. move through these low bar actions, we are able to put people into the social organizing tool, which is a great place to give supporters something to do, using the two to reach out to friends and bring them into the ready for hillary network. the other tool that is very powerful for us is that it feeds into the voter files. we are able to learn more information about our supporters by matching them up directly. is partcomponent that of moving people up the ladder of engagement is purchases. are you a buyer? theirolks like to mix donation as a purchase. they feel better about it. i am buying a t-shirt. instead of just giving $20.
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you get a little value. and ultimately getting folks to make a contribution to ready for hillary. we want to spend time talking about ready for hillary in 2014. we are gearing up to do a lot of really exciting things as we head into the fall. one of the big things we are doing, we will be helping candidates up and down the ticket that hillary campaigns for. we first did this with terry mcauliffe during his governor's race and also phil deblasio. what we planned on doing is capturing, with a photo, a picture of hillary lost she was campaigning for the candidate and taking a quote from that event and putting it on a photo and putting it on facebook and going to our supporters and saying we know you're into hillary. here is what she has to say
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about his candidate. here is why you should support them financially. we plan on mobilizing our network not just financially but driving folks to engage on the ground, whether volunteering or turning out to organize themselves in their own community. you think it is a really great value add. we have folks who have said they are really for hillary. that is awesome. some of these folks are interested in her. they might not be out there engaged in the 2014 process. here is an opportunity to take that group of people and to wreck them into -- and direct them to the midterm elections. we are looking forward to them hitting the ground across the country and amplify the work we anticipate hillary is going to do in the last 90 days of the election cycle. so that is our presentation. i'm going to let mike go ahead.
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we will try to take some questions from folks and then we'll go from there. >> thanks. i will take the first question, if that is ok. can you tell us about -- so, these movements that we see around the presidential campaigns, by their nature they are not sanctioned by the actual candidate. how did you guys get the idea to go ahead and start this and why the super pac? was started hillary by two volunteers and a po box. in january of 2013, i guess. to capture alls of the latent energy around the hillary candidacy and give people a place to go. pac structureuper because we believe to the
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structure was going to allow us to do some cool things. it did not only have to be used aggressive run negative ads. we wanted to take the structure and say let's go out in the field and give people a positive thing to focus on and show hillary we are ready and we want her to hear that and know that from us. >> cool. my next question is, on e-mail, it seems like you guys are building a huge e-mail list, a list of supporters. what are you going to do with that list if hillary were to announce and get started? hillaryame plan is that will decide to run. when that happens, we will be the first ones to say, hey, everything we have been working and hillary is
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ready. we will be able to direct them into an official campaign site. we would plan on doing that for a period of time. we will continue to take our list and pivot them to hillary. the other thing is we are certainly going to be looking for ways that we can sell or trade or swap our data with the potential candidacy. we really believe we are gathering great information and data that will be helpful to her, should she decide to run. >> that differentiates this group from some of the other draft efforts that might have come in previous elections. what we have seen is that these enormously valuable. the obama campaign raised some $400 million from internet
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donations of this magnitude. and the romney campaign in some sense seem to be caught flat-footed in that they suffered because they had a much later start whereas the obama campaign was able to really never stop messaging and organizing their grassroots infrastructure after the 2008 campaign. they had a four year head start on everybody else and the ability to have that type of enormous infrastructure to go to, we think, can make a great deal of difference. >> one other thing that is important to note, and is often overlooked, while secretary of state hillary had to shut down her political out rations -- operations. people are always like, oh, hillary clinton. she spent four years representing our country around the world or that is what she was focused on.
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we have brought her supporters back out to say we're going to stand here and get organized and beingr know we plan on there right out of the gate so she does not have to spend time building the initial network. >> sounds good. questions. if you have a question, raise your hand. go ahead. >> what about the restriction on super pac's? how does that play into the calculations? you can't just hand the list over. >> right. independent expenditure. we do not coordinate with any candidate. but we do believe that the laws ssets to they do allow a be sold and traded among candidates and committees and state parties. so we believe that we are going to wind up in the right place.
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>> more questions? cool. does the messaging differ for an organization like yours versus say a traditional campaign organization? what different messages are you guys using? that maybe would be different than what other people have seen before. >> one of the things that is unique about this organization not so -- ite would be presumptuous to think ready for hillary could dictate what hillary clinton's message is going to be. this is not a campaign. it is focused on building a grass-roots army and infrastructure. for every time hillary goes out and gives a speech about recent
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things that have happened, we are echoing that to make sure our e-mail list knows the key points she has hit on and give people opportunities to really join in the efforts she is promoting. and also using her as a force of personality. a lot of the imagery you see on the facebook page and on the e-mail list and other channels are things we have done a lot of testing on and seeing that people really respond to. she is an inspiring figure. on usingy focusing those as hooks to make sure people take additional actions to further achieve our ultimate goals. >> also it is interesting, and there is very few organizations that have access to this kind of brand.
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in myhis very much is, work, when i think about onnds and where people facebook are having success, it is the really big brands from this idea of constant brand management and how they are going to add value so that at the end of the day, you can make those asks and keep people engaged. ready for hillary is unique in the sense you have access to this amazing brand. there is an element of consistent reinforcement. and display and promotion of asking people to take actions and driving convergence. more so than other super pac's, i can't think of another one that has this much of a real brand strategy. particularly on facebook. you thatt it concern
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you are so much on facebook. for those of us who do not facebook from anything else, you are limiting the group you are addressing. allowedy have skewed, you to see a skewed view of where we are focusing. facebook is a large component of our online strategy. however, it is by no means our driving force. we have a successful direct mail has beenight now that doing phenomenally well. we are seeing a lot of positive support there. our on the ground support. we are on the ground, with the ready for hillary. festivals andng fairs and other community events across the country. you don't have to be on facebook to be part of this network.
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this is skewed digitally because we are at netroots, but even within the internet sphere, there is an enormous amount of outreach outside of facebook. you are right. there are a whole lot of people who are hillary supporters that don't have facebook accounts. we have engaged in a lot of ways to get folks involved. the search engine marketing, display advertising, we have used a lot of targeting strategies. i could bore people for a really long time. list rentals with progressive groups. facebook is just one piece of a larger puzzle. active on mobile and have also done some constituency targeted campaigns that are fabulously successful, targeted to spanish speakers.
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which we were able to capitalize on hillary's remarks on immigration and amplify that message, which was awesome for us to do. >> cool. i think we are over time. maybe we can take one last question. quick, you touched on it a little bit, how did you, how do online advocacy, you turn that into actually getting the actual data? if you're getting people on not going into your database. i was wondering how you do this. facebook faned reachgns to expand our for advertising and our advertising is very much interactive.
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i need you to click on something and come to our page and then i have your information. one of the ways we do this is by asking people to sign a pledge or to say i want a free bumper sticker. we will send it to you. we are focused on making sure that information comes back to us and into our database. if we don't, we are obviously losing an opportunity to make sure that someone who is interested in hillary, that we can stay in touch with them. obviouslyebook like, we want to convert them into taking a higher bar ask. even just an e-mail address, we are trying to make sure we get their address so we have information on them. we can do that through the store bumper sticker, donations, and more. >> we are doing it on the ground. we are at the ready for hillary,
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a great deal of book signings. there we are with hillary supporters and we are able to capture their information by asking them to sign up directly. we bring all of that information to communicate with those folks so they know there is an organization outwe bring all thn back and we communicate with them. they know that there is an organization how there on the ground that make sure that we differ every advantage that we can. >> cool. thank you for waiting in line and to the secret service. people will be staying around to take any questions that you may have. thank you for doing the panel. [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014]
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[inaudible] >> more from the conference with presentations from activists working on a variety of political issues, including reproductive rights, health care reform, anti-gay rights. rights.ay >> i spent most of my days on twitter and use the tool to test out jokes and content. i get the feel of how many people who fw


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